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Buying a Iwatani portable stove 2019/1/8 21:08
Hi I would like to know if airlines allow you to fly with a new portable stove with no gas bottle. I'm from Australia. I made trip in 2008 and had one in my checked luggage and was asked to remove from luggage. But recently when checking in at Kansai airport at the Qantas counter, it had a sign saying that cooking stove are allowed ask for procedure? What is the procedure and what about other airlines like JAL?
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Re: Buying a Iwatani portable stove 2019/1/9 15:40
Why exactly are you asking this question to a bunch of anonymous and most likely ignorant people (ignorant in regards to JAL checkin rules) on the internet instead of asking it to JAL?
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Re: Buying a Iwatani portable stove 2019/1/10 04:58
A crockpot can replace a standard oven,you can cook meat ,soup and vegetables, unassisted for a duration of time,I cook my whole Christmas meal in it
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