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Koyasan without cable car - cost and time? 2019/1/9 03:43
We are a family of 4 (sons 15 and 18 years old) and would like to go from Kyoto station to Koyasan.
We know we have to go to Hashimoto from Kyoto Station, and then take one of the replacement buses, but we donLt know how long it would take.
Also, could you help us to get to know the cost?

I have used Hyperdia, and I get these two results:
- Kyoto - Hashimoto: 152 minutes to 185 - 13,580 JPY
- Kyoto - Gokurakubashi: 159 minutes to 170 - 2760 JPY.
The price diference is huge, and the time is better for the second alternative.
Which option should I ask for in Hyperdia to get to know the prices and times?

The return trip will be from Koyasan to Osaka (still not sure wether we will be close to Namba station or Umeda station).

Your comments will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Koyasan without cable car - cost and time? 2019/1/9 07:43
The timetables for the substitute buses can be found here (see large "Attention Passengers" box):

The cost should remain unchanged.
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Re: Koyasan without cable car - cost and time? 2019/1/9 09:09

I just used Hyperdia and I am getting per person 3420 if you use the Limited Express Haruka to Tennoji to the Yamatoji line to Shin-Inamiya to Nankai line to Hashimoto. You can also do the JR Special Rapid from Kyoto to Osaka, take the loop line from there to Shin-Inamiya and from there the Nankai line as well. I am getting 110 minutes for travel time for either and the 2nd one was only 1610 yen!

If you don't want to pay additional for the Nankai line it will cost you ~1940 yen per person and take about 154 minutes. There are a lot of transfers. If you have a JR Pass and want to use a few limited Expresses between Kyoto and Tennoji to speed things up, it will still take 139 minutes and have a bunch of transfers, over all the routes with the Nankai line are the fastest and even with a pass the amount you pay out of pocket is only like 700-800 yen per person.

I'm wondering could you have possibly picked Hashimoto in Fukuoka rather than Hashimoto in Wakayama to get 13,580 yen or did you perhaps look at time when there actually are not trains running and you have to do some sort of weird route?

Good luck!

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Re: Koyasan without cable car - cost and time? 2019/1/9 22:56
Thank you Uji and rkold!

rkold, you are right, I was using the wrong Hashimoto! one that was not in Wakayama. Thank you for the less expensive information, too!

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