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V Preca Site not workin? 2019/1/9 11:02
Hi. Im looking for a Japanese Credit/Debit Card that i can use to purchase items online with store who only accept a japanese payment method ( paypal not an option ). They accept Visa, Mastercard, JCB.

I have found V-Preca and assume this might be an option for someone who doesnt live in the country. I have a Japanese mail forwarding address i use aswell.

The vPreca site seems to not be working, is this recent, i cant find a location to contact them. Are there any other online credit/debit card options where non residents can sign up?

My purchase is only small at 6500 yen, i assume i can load a vpreca account with this type of money?

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Re: V Preca Site not workin? 2019/1/9 14:53
go to the seven eleven or other convenience store.
you can find prepaid debit cards you can use as credit card for ordering products online
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Re: V Preca Site not workin? 2019/1/9 16:41
Thanks but I think you missed the part about not being in japan :)
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