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Onsen recommendation with view of Mt. Fuji 2019/1/10 13:30
Looking to go from tokyo to an onsen hotel with a good view of mt fuji (i know weather doesnt guarantee it) for one night

Want to try to knockout an onsen experience and mt fuji viewing in one shot

Any other suggestions would be appreciated
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Re: Onsen recommendation with view of Mt. Fuji 2019/1/10 16:59
Lake Kawaguchiko has good prospects with Fuji being huge in the views but in my opinion (stayed 2 nights last October) the ryokans are overpriced and aside from the Fuji views and the hot dogs at the doll museum (best in the world and I'll fight anyone who disagrees!) the area is fairly uninteresting.

On the other hand if you stayed at Iwamotoro Honkan at Enoshima (Kamakura) you would get very interesting baths, heaps to do on the island and around Kamakura, and views of Mt Fuji from your room albeit across the bay, and nowhere near as big. The only drawback is that the views are best from sunrise to about 9AM, after that it is pretty hard to see in the haze. There are other lookouts on Enoshima, but I've never seen Mt Fuji from them.

Seeing Mt Fuji from the closeness of Lake Kawaguchiko was pretty impressive to me (and I'd seen it plenty of times before from a further distance), but personally I think you'd have a lot more fun at Enoshima. I'll keep going back to Enoshima whereas I wouldnt bother with Lake Kawaguchiko, save to buy another hot dog.
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