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Staying in love hotel as tourist 2019/1/10 15:24
So I planned to visit japan in the next holiday season. Trying to book hotel for stays via booking.com, on booking.com I can see that they actually allows reservation for love hotels ( 7 days ), those hotels looks pretty spacious and looks like a pretty good deals for a hotel. So I wonder if it is possible to stay in love hotel as hotel. I am going to travel with my gf of course, 2 birds 1 stone :D also are there any special rules for love hotels as a tourist?
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Re: Staying in love hotel as tourist 2019/1/10 17:42
nope you can just book.
I stay there so often with my gf because they are specious and the bath room is nice often.
You do not need to book and just enter any love hotel. Select a room.

When you stay you cannot get out anymore. Do is locked automatically till you call the reception for check out.

Also check the time for check out because same as hotels you have to leave before a curtain time.

Have fun
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Re: Staying in love hotel as tourist 2019/1/10 17:46
No child (under-age) allowed; possibly most would not have any breakfast facility; even if they do not require advance payment/credit card registration, if you are going to be late to check in, let them know.

"Usually" love hotels would not let you out once youfve checked in for the night, but considering that those that are listed on that site have decided to operate as tourist hotels that can be booked as a regular hotel, leaving/returning during your stay should be fine. But you might want to double check with them.
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Re: Staying in love hotel as tourist 2019/1/10 18:38
Do note that they are often in out of the way locations - so check google maps to make sure you can easily get to your hotel.
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Re: Staying in love hotel as tourist 2019/1/10 21:25
Also if anyone know if they can do long stay like a week straight? Do I need to re-checkin everyday? can I leave the luggage in room?
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Re: Staying in love hotel as tourist 2019/1/10 23:00
In general, love hotel operate on a one-time in, one-time out policy (no pun intended). You check in, and then pay when you leave the room. You're not allowed to leave the premises and take a key with you - once you leave the room, you're "checked out" and if you want to stay another night, you'll have to check into another room.

There are no facilities for storing luggage outside the guest rooms either. As such, love hotels aren't a viable choice if you need somewhere to keep your bags while you're out and about.

Because of those factors, you couldn't, for example, roll into town in the evening, grab a room at a love hotel, drop off your bags and relax for a bit, then go out to eat dinner while leaving your stuff at the hotel and later returning to the same room. So if you're using a love hotel while traveling, the way to do it is to check in once you've done all your sightseeing/shopping/dining for the day, sleep, and check out in the morning.

As for being located in remote locations, while you'll find love hotels out in the countryside along expressways and mountain roads, you'll also find them in the bar districts of most major Japanese cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, etc.), usually in the back streets behind the drinking establishments.

While the lack of reservations and in-out privileges is kind of a pain, staying in a love hotel generally guarantees you'll get a big bed and a big bathtub, so if those are attractive amenities for you, they're a nice option, and they're often cheaper than a similarly equipped room would be in a regular hotel near a city entertainment district.
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Re: Staying in love hotel as tourist 2019/1/11 10:05
Depends on the hotel.
I had an occasion I needed an extra room due to a late booking and gave them the hotel room I had booked for myself. Then last minute needed to find three night stay in Kyoto in peak autumn season (and a weekend). Booked a place in southern Kyoto (poor location) and it was pretty expensive. Checked in once, checked out once.
No restriction on coming and going - certainly not locked in for the night. Even included a meal service, but we also got some food from the local FamilyMart.
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