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Forward Luggage from Tokyo to Kyoto Station 2019/1/10 19:57

I am planning to travel to Kyoto from Tokyo station by Shinkansen.

Along the way, I plan to get off at Odawara Station and go to Hakone and Lake Ashi. Can I send luggage from Tokyo station and collect it near Kyoto Station when I reach Kyoto? I am travelling with a large suitcase, so I'm not sure how I'll manage it at Odwara Station.

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Re: Forward Luggage from Tokyo to Kyoto Station 2019/1/11 11:33
Are you staying at hotels or AirBnBs?

If you're staying at hotels, you can just send your big suitcase from the hotel in Tokyo to the hotel in Kyoto. (And if you're going from the airport to Tokyo to Hakone all on the same day, the airports also have offices from which you can send your luggage onwards.)

If you're staying in an AirBnB you can contact your host/hostess in Tokyo to see if they will help you forward your luggage or try the nearest 7-11 and you can send it to a Yamato delivery center (like this one near Kyoto Station: http://www.e-map.ne.jp/p/yamato01/shop_dtl.htm?p_f1=1&kid=062271) or see if there is one in Kyoto closer to your accommodations. I know Sagawa one of the delivery services does have a desk in Tokyo Station, but I am unsure if they will forward luggage to their Kyoto Station desk or if you would need to send it to one of their service areas like Yamato Kuroneko.

I hope this helps!

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