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Can I apply tourist visa when CoE in process? 2019/1/10 20:09
It's been more than 3 months since we have applied my COE. As it is getting delayed we are planning for applying tourist visa . The immigration office, Nagoya where we applied told us it is no problem but have to be in Japan (if I come by tourist visa) when my CoE comes then. So my concern is should I go for tourist visa when CoE is in process? Or it will lead to problem as already one is in process. Pls suggest!
by Anmona Handique (guest)  

Re: Can I apply tourist visa when CoE in process? 2019/1/11 10:25
Sorry, I did not understand your question fully but let me relate you my story on the above matter.

Both me and my wife and long term visa but our son was born in my home country when we visited back in end of 2016. Soon after I came back (alone to Japan in beginning of 2017) I applied for CoE for my son under my name as the applicant and my JP address as the corresponding address. Since it took more than 2.5 and I didnot have any reply from the Immigration, I applied for a tourist visa and my son got it easily since he was travelling with my wife (who already had a residence card).

Soon after he arrived, I needed to get him a Health Insurance, so I phoned Immigration and said that I couldn't get NHI for my son because he didn't get the CoE/long term visa. The next week the CoE arrived.

The only difference is that, at that time I had to apply for Change in Visa status at the Immigration Bureau for something like 3k or 4k yen. A pretty straightforward thing and it took me only 2 hours to do so.

Only drawback is that if you are getting tourist visa, you need to provide a return ticket, which will go unused if you plan to stay. In my case we were lucky as we all went back for a holiday to my home country sometime later after doing this process.

All the best !
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