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6N in Kyushu Itineary 2019/1/12 01:12
Hello, would like advice on how to plan our Kyushu trip, itfs our first time to Kyushu and we are planning to drive.

Day 1 to Day 4- Rent car from Fukuoka and head towards either Beppu or Yufuin to stay for 3-4 Nights. Plan to visit USA Safari and the Hells of Beppu.

As we are travelling with 2 young kids, any other places that we can visit around the area thatfs an easy drive away.

Any ryokans to recommend that are welcoming of kids (1 years and 4 years), our budget is approx US$400 to US$700 a night.

Day 5-7: Drive back to Fukuoka and to stay for 2 to 3 nights.

Thank you
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Re: 6N in Kyushu Itineary 2019/1/12 10:55
First, I think you mean the African Safari in Usa City, is that right?
You need a car for that obviously, but you don't need to drive to Oita just for that - just get a car for a day in Beppu and use it for the safari. But if you actually want to travel, then the car can be useful - if you go to the Aso area, there are many great places only with access with the car or bus - Kurokawa hot springs might be right up your alley if you want to try it. There are some great places in the area - the Daikanbo Lookout, for the Nabagataki Waterfall.
There is the Aso volcano as well, of course. You don't say when you're traveling, but if after winter, the Kuju Flower Park is very nice.
If you plan to use the expressways a lot going all over, then an expressway pass might be a good idea.
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Re: 6N in Kyushu Itineary 2019/1/12 14:43
Depends on you interests.

Bungo Mori has a small rail museum,a preserved steam loco. Ride on miniture rail on sunday mornings

Takachiho gorge


Kufu mountains for walks
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Re: 6N in Kyushu Itineary 2019/1/12 22:44
One place I just visited a couple of days ago which is very kid friendly is the Yukai Resort in Ureshino. Due to Kyushu's small size: Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki and Mt Unzen are easy day trips. Nagasaki is probably my favorite city in Kyushu - with plenty to do.

What exactly do you want to see and do?

If you are only traveling to Beppu with a car - then hiring a car for a day there as suggested might be a better idea. If you want to drive around more - then a hire car does make it easy but check that the car you hire can hold 2 baby seats and that you book them as well (might cause problems with luggage storage and parking as well)
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Re: 6N in Kyushu Itineary 2019/1/13 09:37
How about taking that trip with a camping car? Kyushu is just perfect for that.
Plus it gives a lot of freedom in your schedule..not having to check in/check out etc.
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