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Narita Airport late arrival 2019/1/12 01:27

I am traveling to Japan for the first time and my flight is schedule to arrive at Narita on Friday, March 29 at 8:00 PM (20:00). I am worried that offices will be closed at this hour.

I wanted to pick up a pocket wifi, pick up my JR rail pass and perhaps take out some cash at the ATMs. I am assuming ATMs will be available but what about the other two offices?

I read a few different posts saying that one of the JR offices (I believe there are 2 different offices?) is open until 21:45. Is this true? Hopefully I can make that..

As for the pocket wifi, I have not made arrangements to rent any yet, but hoping there will be some offices open for this as well?

Thank you for any feedback you can provide!!
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Re: Narita Airport late arrival 2019/1/12 10:36
You can look up opening hours of offices online using Google.

For pocket wifi, it's probably easier to have it sent directly to your hotel, unless the rental company you choose has offices open that late.

You could stay overnight in Narita at the 9 Hours capsule hotel, and pick everything up the next morning.
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Re: Narita Airport late arrival 2019/1/12 19:44
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