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Kurobe gorge by foot? 2019/1/12 05:26
Hi all,

I'm thinking about visiting Kurobe gorge this August. Since I'm travelling on a budget, I'd be interested to know if I could possibly hike all the way back to Unazuki from the final stop of the Kurobe railway?
Paying 4000\ for a round-trip ticket plus whatever it'll cost me to get to Unazuki in the first place makes this little trip seem very expensive...

Since I just mentioned this, any recommendation on how to get from Toyama city to Unazuki in a budget-friendly manner?

Thank you for helping me out!
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Re: Kurobe gorge by foot? 2019/1/12 14:47
There probably is a way to walk it. But considering the railway is the most direct way and takes two hours at 30kph.

Walking it as a longer route at 6kph walking speed isn't advisable in my eyes.

As for getting there on a budget. Use the private railway the full distance from Toyama to the gorge. Do use quicker shinkansen option.
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Re: Kurobe gorge by foot? 2019/1/12 16:20
The train ride in itself is 20 km and goes as straight as possible and over many bridges (which are not accessible for hiking.) I searched around a bit but did not find a hiking path. It may exist, but probably itfs about a 2 days hike from Keyakidaira to Unazuki. And youfd need to be an experienced and equipped mountaineer.

Kurobe Gorge however is not the only place where you can experience nature in Japan. There are many other places in the Japanese alps where you could go. Maybe cheaper if it is on your way already. Eg Kamikochi.

Also take into consideration that August is hot and humid. It gets better the higher up you get though. But not the best month for hiking.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Kurobe gorge by foot? 2019/1/12 20:43
Thank you for your answers! I think if I were to go to Kurobe, I'd have to take the round-trip ticket then. So maybe, depending on the cost, I'll rather look into other options of nice hiking spots (like Kamikochi as mentioned, or maybe a trip to Nikko from Tokyo).
About the heat and humidity in August: I've thought about this, too, but there isn't any other option unfortunately. I think maybe in a forested hiking trail in nature the heat is less extreme than maybe in Tokyo...
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Re: Kurobe gorge by foot? 2019/1/12 22:48
It seems as though Toyama is out of your budget then. Another option for travel (not in Kurobe) is to use this pass which will greatly cheapen your travel around Japan if your not in a rush:


Mt Takeo could be a nice hike - there are also some nice hikes in Kamakura. Nikko (upper section) is really beautiful but by the time you get there it's best staying the night unless you only want to visit the main shrines.
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Re: Kurobe gorge by foot? 2019/1/13 21:05
Thanks for mentioning Takeosan! Didn't know about this and I'm pretty sure I'll visit this one, being so close to Tokyo and cheap to get to. And a trip to Kamakura is on my wishlist, too - who thought I'd get my hiking experience whilst in Tokyo :D

Since Kurobe gorge unfortunately is off the map this time (being too espensive for me to get to/around at), I might look into others options from either Hida-Takayama or Maybrit at Izu peninsula.

Thanks again for all your help!
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Re: Kurobe gorge by foot? 2019/1/14 03:09
Have you thought about Chichubu? https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e6551.html

You could also look into Oze near Nikko. https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e7440.html You could start in Nikko, travel to Yumoto onsen, then onwards to Oze you could then continue onwards to Mt. Tanigawa to hike. https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e7462.html

Good luck!
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