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Nightlife near Chiyoda 2019/1/12 06:57
I am seeking some nightlife advice for a single westerner who speaks reasonably decent Japanese, but is not familiar with Tokyo (I am usually in Kansai, Kyushu, or Hokkaido when in Japan). I will be in Tokyo for a week in March. I don't have any major budget restrictions, but I am still conscientious of cost. I am staying in an area that seems to have little nightlife called Chiyoda, but which is near Nagatacho station and Asakasa. I have meetings for work during the day so am most interested in nightlife.

I read about the main nightlife areas for foreigners in Tokyo, but because I speak Japanese reasonably well I am not particularly interested in areas like Roppongi, which both my Japanese and foreign friends who have spent time in Tokyo warned me about. The last time I was in Tokyo I stayed near Shinjuku so I kind of know that area, but I am most interested in learning about anything within a 5-20 minute walk from Nagatcho station. If there is not much near there taking the subway or a cab to another area is not a problem. I like cocktails and sake ({jand am in my late 30's. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Re: Nightlife near Chiyoda 2019/1/12 17:41
If you say Chiyoda-ku, that is one of the wards that make up central Tokyo, and it includes areas like Akasaka, Hibiya, Yurakucho, the area around Tokyo station, Akihabara, and also the Imperial Palace. That is pretty big :)

But anyways, if you are going to stay somewhere near Nagata-cho station, Hotel New Otani of course has nice restaurants; also you will be near Akasaka area – the area to the south-west of the subway station Akasaka-mitsuke is full with restaurants (walking distance), or you could hop on the subway for just a few stops to Ginza. I donft know if you are looking for lively bars/dance clubs or quiet dining places.
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Re: Nightlife near Chiyoda 2019/1/12 19:48
Also you can.
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Re: Nightlife near Chiyoda 2019/1/13 04:28
Thank you for your answers! It looks like the Akasaka area has lots of places. I am looking more for lively bars than dance clubs or restaurants. When I am in Japan I usually can find great Izakaya almost anywhere for dinner and I am sure Tokyo has plenty of those in most neighborhoods, but I have found that the best advice for lively bars usually comes from folks who live in the same city. My Japanese is good enough that I donft need English speaking bar staff or patrons, but I am looking for places that may be busy most nights because I like to meet folks (plus my Japanese needs improvement and talking to people is a great way to be forced to use Japanese).
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Re: Nightlife near Chiyoda 2019/1/15 06:30
You have tons of options. As a prior post said, Akasakamitsuke is a stones throw away from Nagatacho. In the other direction is Yurakocho. It might take a little longer than 20 minutes to walk there, but it's a quick train ride on the Yurakucho line. The Gado-shita area between Yurakucho and Shimbashi might be right up your alley. https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3072.html
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Re: Nightlife near Chiyoda 2019/1/16 00:46
Thank you!
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