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After marriage Insurance card 2019/1/12 11:47
Hi All,
Another question pertaining to getting Married and the insurance card!
I was wondering if after marriage, I will still get the National Insurance and since My Fiance works for a rather large company and has her own insurance through her company, I wouldn't need to sign up for her insurance.

Instead I will continue my own insurance.

(Q) Will my Insurance bills and health cards be sent to her or will I still have them sent to me since the health card will be in my name??

I was told that after marriage the new wife receives her husbands health cards and statements>?

Is that true?

Anyone who is married that can help to answer this question would really appreciated

Thanks *_*
by Tim Tyler  

Re: After marriage Insurance card 2019/1/12 13:20
If she is enrolled in her employerfs health insurance scheme, and you have your certain income on your own that you are not eligible to be registered as her gdependenth on her companyfs scheme (there is an income threshold), yes, you continue your own enrolment with the national health insurance.

Then she gets her card, and you get your card. Separate.

The part about the wife (or the husband) receiving the health insurance cards/invoices/statements is IF the spouse is a gdependenth on the otherfs employer health insurance scheme, or if both are independent business owners enrolled in national health insurance scheme (as one household).

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Re: After marriage Insurance card 2019/1/12 17:38
Hey Guest,
Thank you for your thorough explanation!
Thatfs good to know!
Just curious how do you know soo wefll about this?
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Re: After marriage Insurance card 2019/1/12 18:02
Well, I am Japanese with my non-Japanese spouse, and we have been in different employment situations over the years :)
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Re: After marriage Insurance card 2019/1/13 07:42
Oh I see!
When you got married you had to sign as her guarantor right?

Do we need a health check when we get married also?

If Ifm in Japan I can continue working as my visa is prepared and also continue using my health insurance?

How soon was your wife able to obtain her actual visa?
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Re: After marriage Insurance card 2019/1/13 11:51
We got married in another country, and reported the non-Japanese marriage to the Japanese authorities later, so I cannot answer the first two questions from my own experience. But the guarantor letter is something the Japanese spouse has to sign upon application for gspouse of Japanese nationalh visa or resident status, not when you get married.
Third question: I believe I answered it on another thread of yours.
We applied for a change from one of the gworkh resident status to gspouse of Japanese nationalh while staying in Japan, but the change took a few weeks (but that was many years ago).

One thing to note: once you are residing in Japan, you donft call it gvisa,h but you call it a gresident status.h This distinction can be important.
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