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Asahikawa snow festival bus 2019/1/12 17:17
I will be on Asahikawa Snow Festival 2019 on its last day Monday, 11th February which is a public holiday
Need help with the Japanese timetable
(it's the first map with the snowman)

I grasp as many info as I could, please correct me if i'm wrong:
1. The bus is from Asahikawa Station (get on & off) --> Tokiwa Park 常磐公園 (alight only) --> 4 Jo 9 Chome Midori Bashi dori (alight only) --> Fuyu Matsuri Kaijo at Asahibashi Riverside (get on & off)

2. 1st row of the timetable
it starts at 9.30am.
3. The 2nd row , I don't understand. It seems at some point, the bus would depart in every 30 minutes instead of 20?
4. The 3rd row, the last bus from JR Asahikawa Station is at 18.00 and the last bus departs from Fuyu Matsuri Kaijo is at 18.30
Any other useful info for my visit date, public holiday Monday 11th February?

Also I found this from City Asahikawa website
路線バス:1の7(20番ASH前)・1の8(14番フィール旭川の道路を挟んだ向かい)・旭川駅前(3番・4番・5番・22番)発の末広、春光方面行きに乗り、常磐公園前下車。バス停から会場まで徒歩4分 。
What does it mean? Google translation is unclear

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Re: Help with Asahikawa snow festival bus 2019/1/17 03:15
2. the bus departs every 30mins. the travel time between the station and venue takes about 20mins.

you can also take the free bus from asahikawa station. takes 20mins to the venue

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Re: Asahikawa snow festival bus 2019/1/17 14:35
Hi fave,

thanks so much for the info.
but i see the timetable between the station to the venue, it'd take 30minutes (dptr 9.30am; arrv 10am)
from the venue back to station, it'd take 20minutes (dptr 10am; arrv 10.20am)
it does not matter anyway 20 or 30. i'm more concern with the departure time
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