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Asahiyama zoo bus from Snow Festival 2019/1/12 18:46
Plan to visit in the afternoon at 2 pm from Fuyu Matsuri Kaijo to the zoo on Monday , 11th February public holiday

I read that there're free shuttle buses from the Snow Festival Site. Found this japanese timetable

Please refer to the 3rd map with the polar bear. Please correct me if I were incorrect:
1. I'm confused with the map given as the 2 gates indicated in the map are in reverse location w/ Gmaps.
What I understand is the "Lower Gate" in the map is actually the main gate and the "Upper Gate" that is connected with a gift shop is the Eastern Gate. Thus, before 16.00 we'd arrive and depart from the Eastern Gate (near the monkey & OrangUtan) and after 16.00 from the Main Gate (near the Penguin House). Is this correct?
2. So it seems there're 2 entrances and 2 timetables.
The timetable from 10 - 16.00 get on and off from the East entrance
The last departure is 16.45 from East Gate

From 16 - 18.00, get on and off from the Main entrance
Last departure is at 21.00 but it directly goes to JR Asahikawa Station not Fuyu Matsuri Kaijo

3. Where are the bus stops location exactly? I see there're parking lots on both entrances. Do we need to walk beyond these parking lots? I don't want to miss especially when going back to the Fuyu Matsuri Site. If I'd like to get back to Fuyu Matsuri Kaijo for the night illumination (only until 20.00 on last day), I'd
need to get the 17.10 bus from the "Main Gate". Is this correct?

4. There're 2 footnotes that I don't understand. Any other information that I need to know further from the timetable?

Aside from the timetable and map, anyone could give info of these:
a. The zoo would be illuminated during the snow festival. what time is the illumination?
b. During the night zoo illumination, would all of the zoo area still open as usual? or only certain areas and from which hour?
c. If we go there from afternoon, do we need to pay additional fare for the night zoo illumination?
The zoo website has not been updated

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