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Register marriage and birth overseas 2019/1/12 21:44
Hi everyone
I'm Vietnamese and my husband is Japanese, we got marriage in Canada and going to have baby in next 5 months. My husband had previous wife, they was divorced in Canada but haven't registered the divorce in Japanese embassy. I have some question if anyone know the answer please help me out:
- Can my husband go to Japanese embassy in Canada registered overseas divorce and marriage at the same time?
- Is there limited time to registered overseas divorce and overseas marriage ?
- I plan to go back to Vietnam to have baby so can my husband registered the marriage alone without me?
- In case, we couldn't registered our marriage before the baby born, Can our baby still become Japanese? What's papers do we need to prepare to get Japanese citizenship for our baby?
The most important thing to us are our baby will be a Japanese
Thank everyone for your time. Best wishes for u.
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Re: Register marriage and birth overseas 2019/1/13 12:08
The following is as far as I know.

Certainly the Japanese national can report the change in their marital status at the embassy/consulate of general outside Japan, but it will take time until the report is sent back to Japan and reflected into their gkosekih (family register) and the confirmation comes back, so I doubt he can do it at the same time. I assume the earlier marriage was based on Canadian law as well?

Yes, any change in their marital status should be reported within three months of the event.

Since your husband has been divorced and re-married in Canada, I believe your child will be eligible for Japanese nationality (and Vietnamese or Canadian citizenship as well, according to what the law of the countries stipulate).

Please ask your husband to read information like this one (FAQ about Japanese nationality):
Q3, Q4, Q6-2, Q14 will be relevant to you (or to your child).

I know this is an old thread, in case the couple is not gmarriedh at the time of the childbirth, but if your husbandfs previous marriage has been officially dissolved and he is now married to you according to Canadian law, the report to the Japanese authorities will only be a matter of reporting gafter the fact,h so you should be considered gmarried.h Just for your reference.
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Re: Register marriage and birth overseas 2019/1/13 23:16
Google Japanese Nationality Law,if your husband is a citizen of Canada,your child probably will have Canadian citizenship or if you are a Canadian citizen and not formally renounce your Canadian citizenship,your child will be Canadian,no matter were he is born
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