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Amount of time in Osorezan 2019/1/13 11:33
Hi all,

I am planning to visit Osorezan this summer. Because of the infrequency of the buses, it would seem as if I have to spend either 1 or 3 hours at Osorezan. Is 1 hour enough to cover most of the major sites? Of course I know longer time would allow me to appreciate the sights better, but I was wondering if 1 hour would even be enough. Thank you!
by Russell (guest)  

Re: Amount of time in Osorezan 2019/1/13 16:13
It's only one site - the temple and it's surrounds. There is also a small souvenir store which sells simple ramen meals. I found 1 hour not really enough but 3 hours way too much time.
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Re: Amount of time in Osorezan 2019/1/13 17:58
I stayed overnight and it was really nice in early morning/evening when all the tourists were gone. The best part for me were not the temples , but the onsen right in front of it and the landscape.

Landscape and temple alone I would say you can do it in 1 h. (A bit hurried though). But that means no bathing!!! That would be a shame.


Maybe you can decide on the spot? It would be a shame to make all this trek to Osorezan and then run around through the sights just thinking of the departure of your next bus. You have invested quite some hours to even get here.

Enjoy your trip to Aomori!
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Re: Amount of time in Osorezan 2019/1/13 18:38
My boyfriend and I visited Osorezan last August and we spent approximately 3 hours there (we went by bus as well). We were really amazed by the landscape and the weather was nice, so those 3 hrs went by very fast. I recommend that you spend 3 hours there instead of just 1, which makes it possible to explore the landscape and walk along the stunningly beautiful lake.
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Re: Amount of time in Osorezan 2019/1/14 10:40
I agree that one hour is not quite enough, but three hours is way too much. 90 minutes would have been good, but the timetables do not allow that option.
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