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travel between cities (trains) 2019/1/15 14:10
I've been doing research but there is so much information when it comes to figuring the best way to travel between cities. Any help is really appreciated.

I start off in Tokyo, hotel is close to Shinjuku Station.
I then go to Hakone for just 1 night (Yama No Chaya onsen).
From Hakone I go to Kyoto for 2 nights - staying near Downtown Kawaramachi.
Then 2 nights in Osaka, near Namba (plus a quick day trip to Nara).
From Osaka I will meet friends in Okinawa so I spend one night there, then back to Tokyo (two separate flights, no trains. Itami to Naha, then Naha to Haneda airport). Finishing my trip in Tokyo.

There is a lot to consider.. does it make sense to buy a 7 day JR pass? Should I get a Hakone Free Pass?
No matter what I know I need a Suica card.

I know my trip is way too packed.. but I have limited time and I really want to see all these areas.
Thanks for help!
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Re: travel between cities (trains) 2019/1/15 16:15
seven day rail pass wont pay off.

yes hakone free pass (odawara version) is a good idea. if you do the full tourist loop.

yes suica card is a good idea for small train and bus trips.

i would suggest just staying in one place for Kyoto/Osaka. They are only 25 minutes apart.
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Re: travel between cities (trains) 2019/1/15 16:58
I agree with Hakata 14, best to stay in either Kyoto or Osaka as they are so close together.

You won't get value from a 7 day pass, but you might benefit from one of these one-way discount packages from Japanican, if you want to stay in Kyoto. https://www.japanican.com/en/tour/list/?so=c&typecd=TOU&typegrpcd=TPA&...
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