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Jobs for Foreigners in Japan? 2005/5/17 19:59
I wonder if there any jobs apart from English teaching available for foreigners in Japan and I would like to ask the following questions:

1. Is a PhD acquired at a Japanese university valued by Japanese companies? Are PhD holders seen as skillful people or rather as too old, academic and unable to work in a team?

2. Are there opportunities for foreign engineers and scientists to work in research and development? If so, can foreigners work only at universities or also at big companies and research institutes outside universities?

3. Do Japanese companies consider applications by foreigners living abroad or are such applications rejected right away?

I have been told that PhD holders could only get teachers at universities. Does anyone have experience about this?
by OkinawaDolphin  

All is possible 2008/6/8 22:20
Dear About the question. you can work in small company or big company no prblem but some company just want the people can speaking english and japanes.
if you can speaking japanese its great . but you need ask some japanese friend to have a look for you in the job vacancy in internet site only in japanese. or ....
job for american in japan. cientifc job posted in japan
or classified for foreignrs.
or my be wanted .....profission japan..
or you look in hello work... this is jobcentre for foreigners and japanese. good look,
by andre costa rate this post as useful

there are heaps 2008/6/9 19:54
Hi there are heaps of jobs in japan for someone qualified with a PHD - i suggest you get yourself a head hunter - a company like HUDSONS (if you are in finance) there ought to be an equivalent in your field and they will help you with the application process. It sounds like you are prime for an EXPAT job which ought to come with all the frills including relocation!
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Being tri-lingual and experience. 2008/6/17 16:56
Hi People. Greeting from Singapore. I'mnew here and perhaps it might be a proper place for me to post my set of questions in regards to setting foot in the soil of the raising sun.

1) What are the kind of opportunity for candidates whom are specialized in 3d design? The scope would be in the area of retail shop, exhibition booth, office space, shopping podium, showroom, product, industrial and customised fixture design. As a whole, such industry were catigorized under environmental archtitect as as whole. Just wanted to know, how are the demands likes?
2) Added to that, I've studied Japanese for the past 3 years and has obtained a JLPT 3, currently heading toward JLPT 2 this year end. Do these help?
3) My mainly language stream were english back in my country. In addition, I speak and write chinese & cantonese as well. How much does this helps.
4) I'm around early 30s, and has been in the industry I've mentioned about for the past 6 to 7 years. Does this helps?
5) My girlfriend is a Japanese and out plan are to get married next year. I was suggesting to her that I'll find a job and be rooted in this industry in Japan. So, does married helps as well?

My plan, pack and go Tokyo for 3 months with all resume and porfolios prepared. targeting the foreign capital companies. Any tips? :)

Anyway, thanks in advance and i would really appreaciates for any constructive feedback from you guys.

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