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Yamagata 2019/1/15 20:49

on February the 11th my wife and I will be in Kaminoyama-Onsen (Yamagata prefecture) for the Kasedori annual festival and I will sleep the night in Yamagata city. The day after, the 12th, we plan to visit Yamadera temple.

I am scared that an entire day in Kaminoyama-Onsen for the festival will be quite boring and would like to know if you advise me some activity or interesting spot in that area.

I have no rental car, just JR pass and my wife does not ski.

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Re: Yamagata 2019/1/16 18:58
If you got time for another side trip Feb is a good time to see those Juhyo snow monsters in Zao.


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Re: Yamagata 2019/1/16 20:56
Thanks for your answer, but it seems that the light event is not working on Tuesdays: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/events/2019/01/08/things-to-do/traditiona... :(

do you think it is still worth the visit?
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Re: Yamagata 2019/1/17 08:20
Even if you canft be there for the evening light-up itfs still worth going as those snow monsters is a unique sight. We went for it during daytime and then continue north to spend the night in beautiful Ginzan Onsen.

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Re: Yamagata 2019/1/17 20:25
Thanks William!
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Re: Yamagata 2019/1/18 18:21
I too stayed 1 night at kaminoyama onsen last year and there was really nothing much to do. We had a late lunch at this small bar/cafe beside our onsen hotel selling western-Asian fusion food (Bolognafs steam egg, carbonara steam egg) and was really yummy. The chef/owner tried his very best to speak English to us.
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