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Parking at the Izu Peninsula 2019/1/15 21:56
Hi everyone,

Im currently travelling at the Izu Peninsula by (rental) car. I noticed that close to natural attractions along the coast, there are parking lots, and the price is 500\ (flat rate). I'm planning to make many stops (in villages or in the nature) (3-5 daily) and short hikes (15' to 2hrs) along the coast. I dont mind paying 500\ for a couple of hours, but not 3-4 times daily that amount for 15-30' each time.

Therefore, i would like to know how people who are in the same situation that me manage it.

1) Is it a trourist trap and there are cheaper or free parking options (not too far) for a short time?
2) Is it ok to park on the side of the road or small ports, wherever there is spot?
3) Is it ok to leave the car a couple of hours at a temple parking lot?
4) is the risk of getting a parking ticket high in rural areas as well?

Thanks in advance. I would highly appreciate your tips, as my first parking night in Atami (7800\ for 14hrs...) left a very bitter taste in my mouth.


by mrnike  

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