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Mannenji Hokkaido access 2019/1/17 22:58
Hello! Ifll be traveling to Hokkaido soon and Ifd like to visit the Okiku Doll at the Mannenji temple but I canft find any information on how to get there. Ifll be staying in Sapporo without a car so trains or buses is preferred. Any help is appreciated!
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Re: Mannenji Hokkaido access 2019/1/18 16:35
Location Address : kC 〈s I K 75
Take a taxi from Iwamizawa Station, bc there is no bus stop near the temple.
It is possible to go by bus along the way,
but no taxi btw there and temple, and hitchhiking also impossible bc depopulated area.

And, do not know when you will go there,
but you will not be able to go by taxi unless snow removal can make it in time due to the deep snowy area.
You have to call or use contact form to the Iwamizawa Tourism Association
and make sure that about I can go to the temple or not in that day.

Basically, anyone can not enter temples that are not touristic,
so this temple is NOT a sightseeing spot that is open to the public, too.
And, one Japanese blogger who saw the doll last Nov says "We could not shoot(photo, video) a doll".
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