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Funky eyewear in Kyoto 2019/1/18 09:08
I will be in Kyoto in March and would like to buy some "contemporary/funky" eyewear. Can anyone recommend a place in Kyoto?
by Majella  

Re: Funky eyewear in Kyoto 2019/1/18 21:44
Elaborate on what you mean by gcontemporary/funky.h If the purpose is everyday wear then the usual places like Zoff and Jins should be fine. I buy glasses there all the time and well, I guess I could consider them contemporary? Or are you looking for something else?
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Re: Funky eyewear in Kyoto 2019/1/19 06:38
Hi Liz, thanks for your response. I do wear my glasses everyday, and because of that i like them to be a fashion accessory/statement piece. Hard to describe, i guess, because taste is subjective. I will check out the two places you have mentioned and I suspect I will stumble across others on my travels. I thought there may be a specific optometrist in Kyoto renowned for its fashionable eyewear as there is in Melbourne, where I live, which I was I decided to post the question. Thanks again.
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Re: Funky eyewear in Kyoto 2019/1/19 09:02
There is a place called Sabae at the northern part of Kyoto.
There is famous as the base of handmade glasses.

It was get into the news in Japan that the presidential candidate Sarah Palin was wearing this place made glasses.

There are some antenna shops of Sabae glassed in Kyoto.

They make many unique glasses like this.
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Re: Funky eyewear in Kyoto 2019/1/20 09:41
Thanks for the links Biwakoman, I really appreciate it. These look really interesting. I look forward to checking them out.
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