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ISP (internet service provider) in Shibuya 2019/1/21 17:24
I'm looking to change my ISP and my preference would be to get pocket wifi because of convenience. However I'm looking for a reliable steady connection and unlimited data. I've looked at softbank but all these contracts, campaigns and small print are impossible to figure out. I'm also considering fiber optic which seems to be a lot more straight forward. I would love to find a deal that doesn't lock me in for 2+ years. If you are happy with your ISP whether pocket wifi or fiber optic please make a recommendation.
Just to be clear I live here and am not looking for short term pocket wifi deals of any kind.
I would also consider a deal that provides both mobile phone services (a sim card voice and data) and internet services as I'm using two separate companies at present. English customer support would be nice but not essential.
by Abby7  

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