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Do I have a chance with MEXT? 2019/1/22 01:53
Hi guys, so, I'm a trans guy and I'm starting to transition officially in my country (Brazil). I'm still making plans for my future, and I decided I definitely want to study in Japan, but I didn't find any scholarship that'd accept me (not just because of my gender, but rather because it's almost everything for Asia, North America and Europe, sigh). I'm afraid I wouldn't be accepted if they knew I'm LGBT and mentally ill (just depression, anxiety and ADHD tho). I'm almost fluent in english, I'm studying japanese since last year, and one of my life goals is to help people through my stories/art, all over the world (obs: I'm quite skilled, also); which means that the only thing I have to worry is wether it'd cause me trouble or not. I plan to start changing documents when I get to move out and try the scholarship when everything is fine (about +/- 2 years from now). What do you guys think? Do I have a chance?
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Re: Do I have a chance with MEXT? 2019/1/23 01:13
You can apply Hiroshima university. They give me 50% Tuition reduction
Based on my financial difficulties. So without MEXT,you can get study
Is affordable. Part time job help me to pay rest of Tuition fee.
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Re: Do I have a chance with MEXT? 2019/1/23 11:49
Hey there!
I think you should also consider orher kind of scholarships like the Jasso too, but the first step for you is to find a school.
Checkout this article, it will help you get started:
Once you choose your school they will help you with your scholarship and provide you guidance.
Hopefully that helps. Good luck on your journey!

Thierry from Easy Life Japan
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