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returning on a spouse visa 2019/1/22 03:01

I’ve searched for this and there isn’t to much about it on having a criminal record in japan.

I’ll make my story very short.

2016, on a drunken night in Roppongi (still not sure how) but police found an empty bag on me. It later tested positive for cocain.

After that night, I had traveled multiple times back and forth to my home country with no issue.

April 3rd 2018, I was getting ready for work and there was a massive knock at my door, it was the police, they had An arrest warrant for me for using coke. That was it, my life in japan was now over, although I hadn’t realised it yet.

The judge gave me a 3 year suspended sentence and immigration officers where in the courtroom ready to take me to shinagawa detention.

It was nice, I had human contact again.
I took this all for a grain of salt.... but Inside this detention center, I herd stories from the other men that they knew people, from nigeria/Ghana, who got caught using and or dealing an where able to come back to japan on a spouse visa. They told me it was worse for them because they were dealing, so they where “hurting others” but we’re atill able to
Come back.

My Japanese girlfriend (now wife) is saying things like “2 years 6months until we can go back to japan”

I know this would be rare, and knowing japan it’s case by case, if I ever had one.

But has anyone herd of people returning to japan on a spouse visa after being deported with a serious crime on their record like “drug use”?

I doubt it, but I would like a little hope.


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Re: returning on a spouse visa 2019/1/22 10:30
Crimes related to drugs are heavily punished in Japan.
Since your record is in Japan getting a Spouse visa is difficult.
You have to mention it on your application.

Immigration is the only one who can accept or not accept your application.
I knew a person living close to me who got arrested, had to go to jail and after that was deported.
He was convicted for drugs traffic.

He had a Japanese wife and even child, but for Japan he was considered has a public threat and was revoked from his spouse visa. He could not come back and had tried several times to apply including a immigration lawyer. Now they got divorced because he could be able to go back to Japan.

This is case by case but I think you need to talk with an immigration lawyer to support you. Because you conviction regarding drugs is almost the highest crime in Japan.
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