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Immigration question 2019/1/23 18:44
Wondering about what to do, my situation is complicated so I'll just line out some basic details

-currently on a valid long-stay visa
-thinking of cancelling my visa and leaving for a short while, then coming back on a tourist visa and clearing out my home/finalizing my departure

Am a citizen of a visa waiver country, is what I'm thinking of doing illegal - ie a "visa run" - I want to do everything legitimately. Put simply, is exiting on a long-stay visa with the intention of not returning on said visa, then entering about three weeks later on a temporary visitor status kosher?
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Re: Immigration question 2019/1/24 10:27
I dont see any issues with you plan. It is not complicated.

But if you are on a long term visa. You cannot just get a re entey permit when you leave?
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Re: Immigration question 2019/1/24 13:22
Once you cancel your visa you cannot get it back.
As mentioned maybe having a re-entry permit is another option to think of.

If you leave long term inform your landlord (if you rent a place) that you will be leaving.
Also make sure you still have enough money on your bank account for payment if you have any
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Re: Immigration question 2019/1/24 13:52
I assume that you do not want /can live in Japan in the future.

Then what you propose is perfectly fine. You leave Japan, tell them when you leave at the boarder that you are moving away and they will cancel your sairyu card. Then later you can come back as a tourist anytime you like. And eg do your removal.

From a tax perspective it would have been better (cheaper) to leave Japan officially at the end of last year, but this now canft be helped. Youfll need to pay the city taxes for 2019.

And yes, obviously before leaving Japan you need to cancel all your contracts. As youfd do in any other place in the world. Also go to your city hall before officially leaving and they will deregister you and give you the tax payslips.

Background: I moved out of Japan end of 2017 , came in January 2018 (on tourist visa) for 2 weeks for the removal and have since come back on 3 occasions on business trips (between 4-7 weeks each). No awkward questions asked. I am also from a visa waiver country.
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