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Spring Equinox - 21st March 2019/1/24 21:53
I will by in Kyoto on this date, does anyone know what impact this will have on things being open etc. Assuming the main areas will be open in terms of shops restaurants etc.

From what i've read it's not one of the major holidays but was just wondering what to expect.

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Re: Spring Equinox - 21st March 2019/1/25 12:39
You probably wouldn't notice it - it's a pretty minor event.
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Re: Spring Equinox - 21st March 2019/1/25 13:01
I'm not sure what "not one of the major holidays" would mean. It is in fact a Japanese national holiday, and as such banks, offices, government services and so on will be closed. Trains and buses will operate on an abbreviated Sunday/holiday schedule. Restaurants and shops that are regularly closed on Sundays and holidays will be closed.

I imagine that most shops and restaurants in entertainment districts and tourist areas will be open. Shops and restaurants in mainly business districts filled with office buildings are more likely to be closed for the day.
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