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Solo travel for 10 days 31 Jan - 15 feb 2019 2019/1/24 23:32
May 2018 I visited japan for the very first time with my wife, 3 young kids and my mum. We mainly explored Tokyo, Osaka (include one day each in Kyoto and Nara).

This year I came back with my wife (without kids) to experience our first ski trip in Tomamu, Hokkaido. Ifm writing this in my hotel in Otaru, tomorrow we will go to Hakone for three days, then wind down our trip in Tokyo for two days. Then my wife will go back to Perth on 30th Jan

Then I havenft had any plan whatsoever for my solo travel from 31 Jan - 15 feb. this is my Ling service leave trip where I want it to be relaxing, contemplative and adventurous (Impromptu). I was wondering whether you can help suggest an itinerary for me 🙂

1. I would love to visit hokuriko arch, Nagoya, Kyoto, Kobe, and some countryside. I will mainly stay in hostels or economic hotel. I travel with one medium luggage and one backpack
2. Should i get JR pass?

I would appreciate your suggestions

Thank you
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Re: Solo travel for 10 days 31 Jan - 15 feb 2019 2019/1/25 14:45
Questions to ask yourself:
- do yo want to travel in snow? Eg Kanazawa and Takayama are currently under snow.
- the JR pass question totally depends on your final itinerary. Note that there are many local passes as well.

I would normally suggest Tohoku but there now itfs very snowy so maybe not the best for sightseeing. Actually places such as Kyoto/Nara that are normally full of tourists should have a bit less. So my suggestion would be a very traditional one: Kyoto, Nara, Himeiji, plus you can add to that as per your interests : Okayama, Bichu Takahashi, Teshima, Naoshima, Hikone, Ise ...

Have you experienced onsen (maybe in Hokkaido? ) if not winter is a heat time for onsen.

As you are already in Japan you can see weather forecast on tv ( plus obviously on the internet).

A totally different alternative would be Okinawa.

Really a lot of possibilities. This webpage has very good information both on larger regions as well as more detailed so you can see what is most attractive to you, but consider weather. While in Kanto weather is generally sunny and dry on the Japan Sea side itfs cold and snowy.

Enjoy your trip through Japan!

It is however Chinese New Year so it might actually not be that free of tourists as many Chinese/Taiwanese will likely come and visit.
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