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Someone please translate this timetable 2019/1/25 02:14
The 2019 Asahikawa free shuttle bus from station to the winter festival venue has come out. There're slight changes. I need help in some of the changes:
1. What does the 2nd row mean? The row in between 9.30am and 18.00
2. No more stop at Tokiwa Park ֌ ?
3. What is the yellow, green and purple dot next to Asahikawa Station red bus stop sign?
4. Any other useful info? I see there're JPY 600 & JPY 170 which is perhaps other regular bus fee to the venue?

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Re: Someone please translate this timetable 2019/1/25 12:14
1. Continues every 30 min on 6th, 7th, 8th, and 11th; every 15 min on 9th; every 20 min on 10th.

2. It indicates direct route from Asahikawa Station to the festival venue (but isn't the venue inside Tokiwa Park??). On return trip, it also stops near Nanakamado Illumination site (for exit only, not boarding), indicated on the map by a red dot on the right edge midway down.

3. Yellow: Asahikawa Denki-kido Bus stop; Green: Dohoku Bus stop; Purple: Taxi pickup spot.

4. 600 yen approx for taxi fare between Asahikawa Station and the festival venue 10 min; 170 yen for regular buses 10 min; 25 min by walk.

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Re: Someone please translate this timetable 2019/1/25 16:20
thanks so much 3yan
last year 2018 schedule has stop at Tokiwa Park. the main venue is near the Asahibashi Bridge, approx. 10mnts walk still from the Park's gate.

this year schedule is more efficient. they omit some schedules that might not have many passengers thus, minimizing the travel time.
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