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Copy of city tax payments 2019/1/25 04:59
I need a copy from City Hall of my city tax payments (ZŔ[ŏؖ) for Immigration.

I just paid my last city tax bill yesterday at the convenience store.

City Hallfs website states payments from the convenience store take two weeks to process.

Does that mean if I go to City Hall today (itfs my only day off), the copy will say my city tax is unpaid because it hasnft been two weeks?

Does bringing in the receipts to City Hall make a difference?
by Rax (guest)  

Re: Copy of city tax payments 2019/1/26 09:56
Dear Rax,
Yes unfortunately you have to wait for the payment to be executed. The best way might have been to go there and pay directly then get your receipt. That way, they can do everything on the spor for you.

I hope that it answers your question.
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Re: Copy of city tax payments 2019/1/26 11:48
They tend to want to see gcontinuityh and gstabilityh in your income and they want to see that youfve paid everything that is due, but of course the immigration authorities know that at certain points in the year, you canft have paid in the tax yet.
What I do is I get the one from one previous year (with everything paid), and the one immediately recent (part or nothing paid yet).
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