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About excessive hairfall problem 2019/1/25 13:06
I am 25 yrs old lady living in Japan since 2 yrs.i have a problem of excessive hairfall on the top side of the head. I am so much worrying for my thin hair,I am using the shampoo and oil bought from drug store by consulting the person of drug store but it doesnft work,hair is falling day by day and being so thinner and thinner especially in top side of head please help me,I want thick hair
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Re: About excessive hairfall problem 2019/1/26 02:54
See a doctor.

This video might be useful.
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Re: About excessive hairfall problem 2019/1/26 09:25
You should definitely see a doctor first, as it could be a health issue.

You could try a hair serum, such as the one made by The Ordinary, that is made to thicken hair.
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Re: About excessive hairfall problem 2019/1/26 09:57
You seem from India. I am also Indian living in Japan for long time. Yes the Indians living in Japan are losing the hairs at high speed. The real remedy will be found in yoga and Ayurveda only. I have been living here since 15 years but I maintained my hairs nicely. Japan medical science does not have any remedy for baldness. My Indian friend went to one hospital in Japan for same, The doctors told that it will take 50000 to 60000 yens for treatment but no assurance. The hairfall in Indian people occurs because our Indian food dont match this environment. If Japanese eat sushi in India, it will not benefit them too. I can suggest the food. Of courese I am pure vegetarian. If you have IT job with overwork and working in air conditioners for all day, it will affect somewhere in out body. Mental stress is major reason for hair loss. Please do yoga, meditations and eat the food suitable to this environment. You can eat Amla/Awala. Many Indian blame the water in Tokyo which is not true. The fertility rate in Japan is also reducing because people work all the day in airconditioner and they do overwork after 6pm. Human body is not suppose to do mental and physical work after sunset. Night is given by god for sleeping and not to physical and mental work. All animals follow nature, they never wear spectacles and eat food after sunset. Human being need to understand this.
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