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Japan in June & transportation doubt 2019/1/25 21:59
Hi Everyone!

Im planning to do a trip to Japan for 30 days... Yup... Solo female traveller. (Im 25)
Im quite excited. I really want to visit all the shrines and castles and traditional japanese places.

I have some questions about transport:
1) Im staying in Tokyo for two weeks. What ticket should I get to move around Tokyo? Ill be going to Akihabara, Asakusa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku... Suica?
2) Im planning to do side trips to both Nikko, Kamakura, Hakone, Kawagoe, Minakami and Chichibu and Yori. Should I get a JRP for this?

Should I get both JRP and Suica? does the JRP works inside Tokyo?

I also would like to hear opinions about if its good to travel in June/July... Does it rain that much?

Hope you can clear my mind!
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Re: Japan in June & transportation doubt 2019/1/26 09:01
Yes it is the rain season.

Just a suica card will do for short trips around tokyo.

Nikko and hakone foe example have passes to get to and around these areas. All explain in the transport section of this website or a simple google search.
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Re: Japan in June & transportation doubt 2019/1/26 09:29
A JRP is unlikely to be the most cost-effective option if you're not leaving the Kanto area. Look here for regional options:

It rains more often in June/July, but not everyday and not all the time. You can look up weather averages online to see precipitation amounts and number of rainy days. It will also be hot and humid - that is worse than the rain!
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Re: Japan in June & transportation doubt 2019/1/26 09:33
Those places in/around/near Tokyo - SUICA works. The national JR pass is way too expensive to be sensible. Even the 3-day Tokyo Wide pass wouldn't be good value.
As for rainly season - it might rain, but it depends where the weather system sits - it does not cover the whole country and it moves. Last year in June I had roughly one day per week of rain, but I had my schedule designed to dodge the rain.
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Re: Japan in June & transportation doubt 2019/1/26 10:02

I've been going to Japan from around June 18-July 5 the last 3 years. In 2018, I had 1 day of rain in Osaka, 1 in Kyoto, and 2 in Kamikochi. The 2 in Kamikochi were the only ones that were actually disruptive. In 2017, I had rain 1 day in Tokyo Disney, 1 day in Nara, and I think a few hours in Nagano. In 2016, I had a day of rain in Hakone, 1 in Kyoto and I think that was it. I was not actively trying to avoid the rain, just go to destinations I wanted to see.

As I am sure someone else will say, June and July do tend to be hot and humid. It's not so bad to me or my daughter.

If you're just spending 2 weeks in Tokyo and then traveling for 2 weeks within Kanto, as everyone has already said you're best off without the National JR Pass. Kawagoe and Chichibu have various Seibu passes you can get on top of the various Hakone and Nikko passes that are available. Since you're going in the Summer, you can actually make a loop from Minakami onsen to Oze to Nikko back to Tokyo. You can read a bit about it here:

Despite the name, skunk cabbage, which might be bloom when you are in Japan, are lovely. I went to this festival in April 2009, and I still remember how amazing it was and I wish I could go back.

Enjoy your trip!
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Re: Japan in June & transportation doubt 2019/1/26 10:46
Until you come up with a DETAILED itinerary nobody can answer the question regarding which rail pass is worthwhile. There are regional passes, city passes, country pass, etc., depends on where and for how many days. There are subway only passes for Tokyo, etc., etc... Work on your detailed itinerary first, then ask again.
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Re: Japan in June & transportation doubt 2019/1/26 18:29
I agree with Tetsuo. While Suica (or Pasmo) gives you lots of freedom, because you can just tap almost any ticket gate without thinking, if your priority is set on saving money you should buy certain passes that allows you unlimited travel within a limited area and date. For example, the Tokunai Pass is a one-day pass that allows you to ride all the JR trains in central Tokyo, and JR is quite convenient in within the area.
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