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Travel in September 2019/1/26 05:34
I d like to visit Japan from 29th August to 22nd September. I just read that September is actually typhoon season and last year Tokyo was hit by a major typhoon, where people died.
So now, I am actually not sure anymore whether it is a good idea to go to Japan at that time at all.
I don't mind rain, but I mind all-day-long rain and obviously heavy storms. No fun when you wanna be outside and see stuff.
I can unfortunately only take this time off, so I am not flexible time-wise.

Any recommendations what I should do - go to Japan or find an alternative destination?

Thanks. Lily
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Re: Travel in September 2019/1/26 09:07
Hi. I've been a few times in September and aside from it being hot there were no dramas.

My understandingf (and I'm sure that I will be corrected if I am wrong in this) is that later in the typhoon season the typhoons can be more serious but tend to be south of Tokyo. As a result, if I was planning a trip I would be looking to go Tokyo and north (which is a good idea anyway because of the heat), but maybe on the Korea side as well.

Have fun, it is a great time to go as it isnt as busy.
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Re: Travel in September 2019/1/26 09:09
I've travelled in September and been through a typhoon without issue. Like all natural disasters. Some can be much worse than others.

Japan is also known for earthquakes. These are not seasonal, they can strike 365 days per year. So with that reason to avoid possible natural disasters. One would never make it to Japan. People can die in earthquake too.

Just go and enjoy your trip. Dont worry about the what ifs.
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Re: Travel in September 2019/1/26 09:39
Typhoon "season" is no reason to adjust your trip to Japan. You have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time for it to affect you. Last September, the major "storm" that "hit" Tokyo was not actually that strong (you should try living somewhere with real wind - I come from Wellington NZ).
2018 was slightly unusual with the number of typhoons that made land-fall in Japan, normally it is much lower.
And "a person died" out of 125 million is over dramatic. One of the recent earthquakes they counted an old person that fell down some stairs - may not have been earthquake related. Certainly the landslides in Okayama and Hiroshima were deadly, but hardly tourist destinations, and more people died in the summer heat because they were working in direct sun in 40C+ temperatures.

Put things into perspective - would you travel to the USA knowing there are 10,000 gun deaths every year?
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Re: Travel in September 2019/1/26 10:20
No, I wouldnt!

but I'm happy to go to Japan, earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, and hornets notwithstanding
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Re: Travel in September 2019/1/26 10:35
Alternatively, you can stay home and get hit by a lightning.
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Re: Travel in September 2019/1/26 10:36
I was in Japan during several typhoons. Including the worst one in 20+ years last September that did destroy partially the bridge to KIX airport. (I was in Osaka that day, and yes my flight got canceled and I stayed one more week in Japan on paid expenses by KLM).

In a normal typhoon that day is rainy and windy, but you can still be out and around for most of the day. In the one that hit Osaka and then swept through Japan with great force you definitely wanted to stay inside for the duration (a few hours).

What typhoons do affect is public transport. Train lines are often shut preemptively to avoid danger and this can get you stuck for a day (or half) somewhere. But then you just need to be flexible. Such shutdowns are announced on TV (just ask in your hotel for guidance) and I am sure theyfll also help you with any changes that might be needed in your further bookings.

The good thing about typhoons is that you see them coming. So if you are flexible you can avoid them completely. And the day before/after the typhoon gets really nice weather.

I would not worry.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Travel in September 2019/1/26 14:09
I seem to squeak by when it comes to the typhoons. I went to Japan Oct 2017 and the next day after landing a typhoon hit Tokyo. Then on the same trip when I was in Nagoya another typhoon "passed by" and I didn't even know it was part of a typhoon.

Then last year in late September I landed in Tokyo and the next day typhoon hit. I recall a lot of damage and seriously delayed/cancelled trains. I was taking a flight to Fukuoka and Haneda Airport had lines the length of the airport. Then about 5 days later another one passed near Busan but the bands reached into Fukuoka and Kitakyushu. I was on one of those delayed shinksansen trains going back to Tokyo. I was nervous thinking they were going to shut them all down because they shutdown the limited express trains.

Just go. I doubt you will have my same experience dodging typhoons.
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Re: Travel in September 2019/1/26 17:19
Just to chime in with all the others. As an English man I have been to Kyushu in September & my major problem was the heat and humidity!!! I said I would never go at that time of year again. Of course I am planning to go back to Kyushu this September :)
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