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Late arrival in Fukuoka 2019/1/26 12:09
I'm planning a trip to Kyushu and flying from USA -> plane change Narita and continuing to Fukuoka. The time of arrival will be 9:00pm in Fukuoka. Assuming that I arrive at Hakata Station at 10pm is this too late to check in to any hotel around the station? Worst case I get "stuck" having to spend the night at a manga kissa?
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Re: Late arrival in Fukuoka 2019/1/26 16:37
Why not look at some hotels on a booking site and find their check-in times?
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Re: Late arrival in Fukuoka 2019/1/26 17:14
I have done exactly this heading for the Hotel Hokke Club in Fukuoka. Email your hotel to let them know your arrival time. If reception is still not open at that time then they will almost certainly make arrangements so that you can check in.
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Re: Late arrival in Fukuoka 2019/1/27 02:39
I havenft booked any hotel yet. I only saw the arrival times and cost of my ticket and wondered if that kind of arrival time is even going to work. Of course Ifll have my reservation ready before arriving. 5-7 night stay in Fukuoka.

Did you like Hokke Club? Recommend it?
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Re: Late arrival in Fukuoka 2019/1/27 08:23
In recent years, due to the shortage of hotel rooms, many people have difficulties in booking hotels in Fukuoka city. Especially on Saturdays. So you might have to book your rooms day by day: if you want to stay from Saturday to Friday, you can't find the same room in the same hotel during this period. If you can't find rooms of your interest, then change the time frame, from Sat to Sun, and then Sun to Mon, etc. Note that Saturdays are rather expensive. This is applied throughout Japan, but Fukuoka is especially difficult place. I have not stayed in Hokke Club Hakata (have stayed Hokke Club Kagoshima though), but as judged from Rakuten Travel user's review, it gets rather good rating.
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Re: Late arrival in Fukuoka 2019/1/27 10:07
I noticed weekends there was a shortage also. But only the cheaper 4000-6000 yen rooms (eg Tokoyo Inn), and only if you attempted to book 1 to 2 months out.
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Re: Late arrival in Fukuoka 2019/1/27 12:11
Hakata is only 5 minutes or so by subway from the airport subway station, and since your flight from Tokyo will be a domestic flight, you should be able to get to Hakata Station before 10 PM easily. If you have a hotel reservation and you notify them that you'll be arriving at about 10 PM, there should be no need to worry. You didn't give any info on what type of place you're looking for but there are lots of cheaper places that are not well publicized. You could find a number of places for example at the bottom of

There are some good places to keep you busy for 1-2 days, depending on your interests.

But staying 5-7 nights is quite a long time - there are a number of good places to see, but some of them like Nagasaki are 2 hours away by train, and while they can be done as a day trip, they are better with an overnight there.
Along the way, seeing the beautiful Yutoku Inari Shrine is also very worthwhile.

If you have not done so, explore your transportation plans also - within the city, many good places are close to a subway station, so a 620 yen subway day pass might serve you well. Or if going all over, there are other good ones too.
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Re: Late arrival in Fukuoka 2019/1/27 17:25
I have stayed at the Hokke Club Fukuoka twice & once at the one in in Kagoshima. I wholeheartedly recommend them. I have also stayed at the Nishitetsu Croom Hakata and that was too upmarket for me although lovely. Lots of ANA aircrew stay at the Croom.
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