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Getting married/US Embassy (Question) 2019/1/27 14:44
Hello Everyone,

I will go to the Embassy to get my Notarized seal to get married. I do believe that is all I need from my side? would that be correct? (I think it costs 5,000 yen?)

I know my fiance needs the koseki etc and then we need to go to city hall before we go to immigration.

Should we get marreid first and then file the papers at immigration. Will they give me a temporary guy jean card so i can go through life and still continue to use my health insurance etc.

I can continue working as well?

Thanks for all insights!
by Tim Tyler  

Re: Getting married/US Embassy (Question) 2019/1/27 19:56
That sounds like the only paper you need, seeing here:

But be sure to ask your Japanese girlfriend to check with the city hall where you plan to register your marriage at. This will be a Japan-law based marriage, so you need to comply with whatever the local government requires.

Of course you need to get married (meaning the two of you going to her city hall and fill out the papers) FIRST before you go to immigration to report the marriage.

I read your earlier post, but I was not aware that they took away your resident card?? Then you might have to apply for a new one.

I donft know what gdesignated activitiesh are allowed to you on your current status, so I cannot give any answer on your last question. Until you get your gspouse of Japanese nationalh status granted, your current status applies to you.

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Re: Getting married/US Embassy (Question) 2019/1/27 19:57
Sorry, not "go to immigration to report your marriage" but:
"go to immigration to apply for resident status change based on the marriage."
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Re: Getting married/US Embassy (Question) 2019/1/28 09:35
Rather than just checking with anonymous people in the web, you should consult with your GF/soon to be wife and triple check with the local municipal where your marriage registration to be done. Each municipal have their own requirement (not much differ) but ..

As a veteran resident ( 20 years was it), you should have known how the system work.

Of course you get married first, then file for spouse visa.
Not sure will it work with your current designated status to file for change of status.
Which mean you may have to go through COE route, leave Japan and do it outside from Japan.

Again, with your history recorded in immigration, be ready for some hard time dealing with immigration.

And yes, until your application is decided, you are stuck with your designated status.

You mentioned of a child in JHS, does the child have Japanese national?
You make apply for long term resident with reason of taking care of the child.
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Re: Getting married/US Embassy (Question) 2019/1/28 10:21
Thanks Guest!
I appreciate all of the advice and will proceed as initially planned.
We have been living together for about 10 years. We were planning to get married from last year. So it's all good. I appreciate all insights form people who know about Japan. where Yes means no and no means yes.
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Re: Getting married/US Embassy (Question) 2019/1/28 10:27
Will they give me a temporary guy jean card
No - why would they do that. I think they will be investigating you for fake marriage first given the other rules you broke/ignored. You said you are guilty of tax evasion and breaking the terms of you status of residency in your other posts.
And you need other documents for your marriage registration as well - more than just the notarised document from the US embassy.

(funny auto correct in your post too)
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