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Itinerary assistance 2019/1/27 17:38
Arrival to Tokyo at late evening; settle down and have a great dinner and prepare for first solo trip.

Fuji - visiting Lake Kawaguchiko and Chureito Pagoda, for expected Sakura blooming from forecast, and explore around. Return back to Tokyo at evening.

Early morning Shinkansen to visit Nikko - explore around.
Take Shinkansen/ trains whatsoever and overnight at Yamagata

Yamagata - visiting Yamadera and Dao
Overnight at Yamagata

Nyuto onsen - explore around the area and stay overnight at Nyuto Onsen.

At first I was planning to visit Kakunodate and the samurai district in Akita Prefecture, but the forecast of the coming Sakura will not bloom until maybe a few days later/ not the best time to visit it as its yet to full bloom.
Where else can I go if I'm not going to?
Plan to got back from Kakunodate to Tokyo at evening.

Hakone day trip from Tokyo

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Day trip from Tokyo; earliest Shinkansen .
Return back to Tokyo at evening

Explore around Tokyo city until the late midnight plan back home.

I have been to Osaka, Kyoto, Fuji and Tokyo itself so wish not to stay long in the city. I am not a city person.
Is my itinerary very pack?
I need help after the Nyutou Onsen and where should I go?

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Re: Itinerary assistance 2019/1/27 19:53
Very busy. Some routes use infrequent bus services. I think you'd struggle to do it.
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Re: Itinerary assistance 2019/1/28 02:04
Sakura forecast is a forecast. Reality will be somewhat different. Also the flowers bloom over many days. So you need to be somewhat flexible.
I would not skip Kakunodate. Itfs a nice place anyway even if you are too early/late for Sakura.

And yes as PP said, some of your days are too busy considering the transportation options you have.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Itinerary assistance 2019/1/28 19:28
There's no shinkansen to Nikko. You can take the shinkansen from Tokyo to Utsonomiya, but after that it's another +/- 45 minutes by 'regular' train.
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