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Visa reapply 2019/1/30 00:29
Now I m in japan in student visa.my visa expires next week.after my visa expires how much time does it take to re apply once again in student visa in jApan?
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Re: Visa reapply 2019/1/30 09:20
Visa and resident status are two different thing.

Your visa already expired/cancel once you enter Japan.

When you enter Japan, your visa got used/cancel and they give you permission to stay in Japan with a resident status as Student.

Before or by your period of stay expired, you must exit Japan.

As for when you can reapply for new student visa, well I am not sure, but maybe as soon as possible?
As long as you have all the requirement and documents?

Why would you want to get new visa?

Why waste time and money ? It is much easier and less time consuming to extend your current Student resident status while in Japan?

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