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Pictures of statues in Japan on Wikipedia 2019/1/30 04:14
I have been several times in Japan and enjoyed it every time. As i am from the Netherlands i always enjoyed to see links with the Netherlands. In those instances i always of course take pictures of the statues or other items that represents the link with Holland. And in several cases i did put the pictures on the Dutch Wikipedia (nl.wikipedia.nl) so other people get to learn more about Japan (in relation to the Netherlands). And it also promotes Japan for the Tourist.
But what is happening is that some Wikipedia moderators or other purists remove these pictures as it is not allowed to publish these pictures (all taken by me) on Wikipedia because -as they state- it is not allowed without the explicit consent of the maker of the statue. (Note, pictures on Wikipedia become public domain.)
Given that the Japanese government is promoting tourism i believe this is counter productive.
Now my question is. Is there indeed a law in Japan that states that self made photographs of statues in Japan are not allowed to be put on the internet (and than can be used by anybody).
And if so, is this strictly enforced? Or are there any plans to change these legislature?
Hope somebody have some reactions.

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Re: Pictures of statues in Japan on Wikipedia 2019/1/30 09:38
It could be more of a Wikipedia problem than a Japan problem.
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Re: Pictures of statues in Japan on Wikipedia 2019/1/30 18:36
I am not blaming anybody. Just asking a question.
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Re: Pictures of statues in Japan on Wikipedia 2019/1/30 23:32
The laws are written on the following page that explains how photos of statues and other outdoor artwork should be used on the Japanese version of Wikipedia. It's too complicated for me to understand. Anyone care to help the OP?
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Re: Pictures of statues in Japan on Wikipedia 2019/1/31 04:29
It may have more to do with Wikipedia rules than copyright laws. One criterion under consideration by Wikipedia that caught my attention was the pixel count limit of 310000 (0.3 mega pixels) for photograph. Strange.
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Re: Photos of statues in Japan on Dutch Wikipedia 2019/2/1 18:30
You should check the copyright policy of the Dutch Wikipedia, rather than that of the Japanese Wikipedia.

As long as the copyright for the statue or other art work (which is clearly visible in your photo) still exists,
it is unacceptable to upload that photo in Wikipedia without a permission of the copyright holder(s) for that work,
due to the risk of the infringement of that copyright.

Both your distribution via the Dutch Wikipedia and viewers' use of a photo are expected to be lawful under the law of the country where Dutch is usually spoken.

Generally the Wikipedia copyright policy demands
that both your distribution and viewers' use of a photo
should follow the rules of both the GNU Free Documentation License and the Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA.
As a result,
it is required that a copy of the art work which is embodied in the photo can be lawfully re-used for any purpose in any way.

generally redistribution for a commercial purpose of embodied copies of a copyright-protected work is, probably in most countries, the infringement of that copyright.

- The Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License [CC BY-SA 3.0]
: While the version 4.0 is newest, the English, Dutch and Japanese Wikipedia seem currently adopting the version 3.0.
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