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Generation 2019/1/30 10:50
Hi. I would like to know if what nikkei generation am I. My great grandfather is a Japanese soldier who fought during world war 2 here in the Philippines where he met my great grandmother. They had children here and one of it is my grandmother. What generation of nikkei am I? Am I a sansei or a yonsei?
by Phil (guest)  

Re: Generation 2019/1/30 23:36
You are partially yonsei. Yon-sei literally means "fourth generation", and so you're one-eighth yon-sei. But people will understand you better if you just say that your great grandfather was Japanese.

By the way, this is how you count in Japanese.
1 ichi
2 ni
3 san
4 yon
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Re: Generation 2019/1/31 04:16
And I just found out that my grandmother has her own kosekitohon and it's updated. I also saw my father's alien card and the status is "Spouse of Japanese national, etc.". So that makes me a sansei, right?
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Re: Generation 2019/1/31 04:16
Here in Hawaii, where there are LOTS of Japanese immigrants, people stop counting beyond 3rd gen (sansei). Words nisei and sansei are used a lot, but you never hear yonsei, gosei, etc.
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Re: Generation 2019/1/31 13:16
Phil, if your mother is still a Japanese national, that just makes you half Japanese, unless your father is a descendant of a Japanese person too. In any case, my understanding is that the term "issei/nisei/sansei etc." has no lawful meaning. People just seem to use the terms to appreciate where they stand. So if your great grandfather and his descendants have been residents of your country all along, I suppose you can call yourself partially yon-sei. The reason I say "partially" is only because some of your immediate family seem to be genetically non-Japanese. But, to me, it really doesn't matter. We're all Earthlings.
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