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Oboke Gorge from Okayama or Tokushima? 2019/1/30 13:45
Hello all!

Just 2 quick questions to ask.

1. To do a day trip to Oboke Koboke area, would you suggest from Okayama or Tokushima?

2. I intend to visit Awa Sand Pillars. May I know would it be easy to get taxis from Awa-Yamakawa/Anabuki station? What about going from Awa Pillars to station, is taxi usually easily available? What is the estimate one way taxi fare? As I will be alone and travelling by public transport, it is my concern to be able to travel easily.

Thank you so much in advance!
by chloebb (guest)  

Re: Oboke Gorge from Okayama or Tokushima? 2019/1/31 04:09
1. Either way, it takes about 1 hr 40 min by express train. Okayama has more to see/do, and there is a direct train (Kochi bound that stops at Oboke) from Okayama, so I would choose Okayama (unless Awa Odori festival is in season in Tokushima).
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Re: Oboke Gorge from Okayama or Tokushima? 2019/1/31 09:34
Thank you for your reply!

I'll be staying in both Okayama and Tokushima for sightseeing. Am torn about Oboke because it seems from either place, the train services aren't too convenient.
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