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Translation: Kojinteki na pointo wa... 2019/1/31 12:25
Does the expression 「個人的なポイントは」 mean "I made it a point to..." or "I would like to point out how I..."? Such as on this page:


I've seen places where it can seemingly mean both expressions. Can it mean either one or the other, depending on context?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Re: Translation of Kojinteki na pointo wa... 2019/1/31 16:27

I assume the person who is writing the text is the one who created/built this website. So my take would be:
- The point that I personally like/care a lot about/consider the best feature is that I made the movements of the cart cute.

Some people use the word ポイント to mean “point/area they would like to emphasize” or “point/area they paid special attention to.
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Re: Translation: Kojinteki na pointo wa... 2019/2/1 09:25
Thank you for your help once again!
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