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Student visa question 2019/1/31 21:38
Just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this, so my school said if I don't pay on february 28th I won't be able to attend for the spring semester however if I do pay I get to go during the spring semester. If I pay late or not full I still will be attending the school during the fall semester. So i'm just wondering do I have to go back home to canada and reapply for my visa or am I able to stay in japan till the next semester as I'm currently still living here?

I'm hoping I'll be able to pay for my spring semester on time but if I can't, then I'm just hoping I won't have to pay for a ticket to go home and then pay for a ticket to come back again even though I'm still attending the same school just not in the current semester.

If I do have to go home oh well I'm fine with that however I'm also wondering if I need to reapply for a visa even though I already have a 2 year student visa and am confirmed to be attending the fall semester.

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Re: Student visa question 2019/2/1 09:15
Get this fact correct.
Your student visa (sticker in your passport) is done/used once you entered Japan.
A visa is like a pass to enter one country.
Once you entered Japan, you are given a resident status, a zairyu card based on your your visa.
So you are in Japan now as a resident with Student status.

Next thing, check your zairyu card see what is the expiration date (period of stay).
Since you said you were given 2 years stay, so double check the date.

The school can threaten you with the school fee payment, and have the right to cancel your enrollment as student in the school, BUT they cannot cancel your resident status.

Only immigration have the authority, however the school can/have to inform immigration about cancellation of your enrollment within 14 days and so do you as same as well.

Once that goes into effect, it is up to immigration to decide what to do with your resident status.
Whether they will let your remain until 2 years or ask you to leave within certain period by means of designated visa or find another school to continue your status, well that is up to immigration prerogative.

Also, if you were to renew/extend your status after your 2 years is up, your attendance will come to play and if your 'miss school' due to non-payment, then you may encounter some problem.

If not mistaken, you'll need to at least maintain an attendance of at least 80% of the course.

Anyway, in the end if the school didn't cancel your enrollment, you are still 'a student' at the school, no changes to your status, yes you can stay in Japan.

Depending, if you return home with your status cancelled, then you need to apply for new visa. If status remain, then you won't need new visa, just make sure you apply/use the special re-entry permit when you fly home and back within 1 year.

Just curious are you attending a language school or college/university ?

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Re: Student visa question 2019/2/1 09:31
My card says I have 2 years, also just to point out I said I would be attending school next semester if I miss the payment date but still pay. I won't be going to school during the spring term but I'll still be going to school the next term which is fall I think. Since I wouldn't be going to school for that one semester I guess but still enrolled my

I'm attending a language school so I can enter a university here in japan. I also hold a 100% attendance rate at my school.

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Re: Student visa question 2019/2/1 09:40
it is simple, if you do not study you cannot stay on the visa. School can or may inform immigration.
If you study you visa is valid. You need to talk with you school to make things right.
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Re: Student visa question 2019/2/1 10:07
Actually both the resident status holder (= you) and the sponsoring institute (= language school) are obligated to inform the immigration authorities if the underlying condition for the resident status changes (= if you stop studying). I donft quite understand your situation, but if you are not going to attend the language school for one semester, you cannot hold onto the gstudenth resident status during that time. If you plan to attend one semester at a university in Japan instead for example, you need to discuss that with the language school too, let them know your plans, apply & get accepted by the uni, etc.
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Re: Student visa question 2019/2/1 12:09
I see so I would have to go home for the 3 months then return back to japan after getting another student visa. Thanks for the info.

This is only if I don't make payment on feburary 28th on time. As I still attend the school till spring break I would just have to wait for the spring school term to end before I start school again.

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Re: Student visa question 2019/2/1 13:06
Oh, is it just three months in between?? I thought since you said "spring" term (assuming April) and then the next semester would start in the autumn, maybe September, so a six-month interval?

If it is a "few months," and you do plan to study further, it should be OK to stay around in Japan - maybe travel, or look for another school - it is just that you can't hang onto the "student" status without attending/enroling in any course for as long as one full semestser, which I somehow assumed to be six months or so.
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Re: Student visa question 2019/2/1 13:12
Ah I see ya I've already studied at the school for 4 months after march I have to wait for a bit before I can go to my next study time if I miss the payment date. So that would be maybe a 3 month wait, I could also look for another school to study in that time so I don't fall to behind. The reason is they wouldn't be able to fit me in the class if I payed late but they would still allow me to attend. but I would have to wait for the classes to have space so I could attend.

But thanks for the help you guys have been helpful.
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