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Japanese novel recommendations 2019/2/1 04:59
I recently passed (whew! barely!) the JLPT n2 exam. My worst section, by far, was the reading section because my reading skills are s l o w . There were two whole sections that I just didn't get to in the time given. I need practice if I'm going to get faster/better.

Can anyone recommend a good short novel for someone with intermediate Japanese reading skills? I'm not looking for manga, but maybe something light. I've read several of Murakami's novels (in English). Should I start with one of his shorter books in Japanese?

Would I be able to get this book at a US branch of Kinokuniya?

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Re: Japanese novel recommendations 2019/2/1 12:01
How about trying Kenji Miyazawa?
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Re: Japanese novel recommendations 2019/2/4 22:48
Hi, congratulations for passing the exam! I would like to recommend this book :キツネ山の夏休み (ジョイ・ストリート)
Although this is a children book, I still read it sometime. It's easy to read, but the words in this book is beautiful. I think this author's choice of words is excellent. Good luck to your study! Hope this helps.
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Re: Japanese novel recommendations 2019/2/4 23:58
Thanks for the recommendations!
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