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Phone number for Yamato luggage delivery 2019/2/1 06:19

for my upcoming trip to Japan where I'm hopping around between cities and hotels a lot, I'm considering sending some of my luggage between hotels a few times using Yamato's TA-Q-BIN service. I've been looking at samples of the waybills I have to fill in here:

The problem is that it wants my phone number in there. If I put my mobile phone number, receiving calls would be very expensive because of international roaming. I will be using a pocket WiFi, but I don't think there's a good way to receive calls via internet (Skype number isn't an option since it's not offered for German residents). Maybe I could put the hotel's number in there, but what if they need to call me when I'm not at the hotel yet (or not anymore)?

Does someone have experience with this? Do they just call you in case something goes wrong with your delivery?

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Re: Phone number for Yamato luggage delivery 2019/2/1 07:36
If you are there at the time of delivery there is really no reason for them to call you. I never got a call from Yamato Kuroneko.
You can put your German phone number but it is actually very unlikely they will use it. I was recently always asked to give also a Japanese phone number, so I gave the one of my office. Ifd suggest you give the one of the hotel you are going to stay at.
Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Phone number for Yamato luggage delivery 2019/2/1 09:13
I don't use my phone for calls while in Japan. I always use the hotel's number when filling out the invoices. I haven't had a problem in about 15 times I've used the service.
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Re: Phone number for Yamato luggage delivery 2019/2/1 10:52
the receiver is a hotel. write hotel's phone number, because you write hotel's address (not your address, of course).
hotel staff will check the shipping labels and they find the luggage don't belong to their guests. they will refuse to receive them.
I advise you that you write your name and your arriving date in remarks of the shipping label to help their confirmation.
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Re: Phone number for Yamato luggage delivery 2019/2/1 17:23
I never got a call from Yamato Kuroneko.

Here "Yamato Kuroneko" is a typo for "Kuroneko Yamato";
the same two words are written in the reverse order.
("Kuroneko": black cat.)

the receiver is a hotel.

No, the receiver is not your hotel but you yourself.

You have to let the hotel contact with you by mail, by e-mail or on the phone.

For a delivery service, I suppose you can do with your name and your hotel's postal code, address and phone number.
You in advance confirm that your hotel's staff is ready to keep your TA-Q-BIN parcels until your arrival.

Delivery may be delayed, so I recommend you use a delivery service when you stay for plural nights at the same accommodation.
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Re: Phone number for Yamato luggage delivery 2019/2/1 20:07
I use takkyubin services all the time, and I've also never gotten a phone call, but of course it could happen if there's some sort of delay because of weather or other factors.

As others have suggested, just use the hotel's phone number, but you should probably also notify the hotel to tell them how they can reach you (for example via email).

Note that there are also a few other companies besides Yamato Transport that provide takkyubin* services, and it will depend upon the hotel which service is used. More full-service level hotels should be able to help you fill out the form and even handle confirmation with the recipient hotel, but you may be on your own if you're staying at more budget-priced hotels.

(Before omotenashi posts a helpful correction, Yamato Transport seems to have the trademark on the word takkyubin, but everyone I know calls the other services "takkyubin" as well. Like everyone calls tissues "Kleenex" in English.)
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