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Family of three cost of living in Okinawa 2019/2/1 12:54
Hi All,

Its probably been 10 years since I been here. Brings back lots of memories.

I'm currently looking into an offer from a foreign company for a position to be located in Okinawa and would love it if someone can kindly tell me if what's on offer will provide a comfortable life for my family and I.

I'm a chemical engineer with project management experience, a wife and a 3 year old daughter. My wife is a health professional but not sure if she will be working there and we would like to send the little one to an international child care/pre-school. Plan is to be there for 3-4 years.

On offer is net salary (after tax) of 8.5M Yen per year plus tax, pension, health cover, relocation expenses, rental expenses (not sure how much).

Is this sufficient for Okinawa?
Occasional dining out,
Occasional travel to main land and once a year to surrounding countries
Planning to buy a car as well just to get around but money for that will be from my own savings so just petrol and servicing
Food etc

Many thanks to all

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Re: Family of three cost of living in Okinawa 2019/2/1 15:39
8.5m is enough for Okinawa.
Even if your wife would not work. You can have still a comfortable life since Okinawa prefecture tax and live is cheaper than for example Tokyo.

For the International school I have no idea. I know the cost where I live (Nagoya) and it is yearly 500.000
Which is to much for just an English environment. But my daughter already goes 12 years long to a Japanese School

I have been traveling a lot to Okinawa in the past because my wife family is living there.
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Re: Family of three cost of living in Okinawa 2019/2/1 15:47
Many thanks for the reply. So just to confirm the 8.5M is after tax.

How is life in Okinawa in general. I have been to mainland Japan a few times and I love it but I know Okinawa would have a slower pace.
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