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Kumano Kodo - extra day in Hongu area? 2019/2/1 22:06
Hello everyone.
I'm travelling to Toyko for work in mid April, and I took some extra days to do the Kumano Kodo trail afterwards. The first part of the trip is very clear: walking west to east on the Nakahechi route, making it to Hongu Taisha area at the end of day 2 after a 21km walk around 15:00.
The second part gets tricky. I'm basically 1 day short in my plan and I need to decide if I stay an extra night in Hongu area, or keep walking on and have my rest at the end of the journey (i.e. before my long flight home)?
More precisely, is there anything to do in Hongu area beside visiting the Shrine and Onsen? From your experience, how much time would it normally take to spend doing those activities?
If you're interested, I'd be happy to share more details of my plan.

Thank you in advance :)
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Re: Kumano Kodo - extra day in Hongu area? 2019/2/15 22:55
You can consider taking the bus up to Yunomine from Hongu (it was not that far off, maybe 40 minutes) and visit the wonderful onsens there including Tsuboyu Onsen (one of the oldest in Japan and very very hot). Hongu feels more like a town whereas Yunomine is like a quite village with wonderful onsens. I walke the same trail last year and do not hesitate to ask any other question.
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Re: Kumano Kodo - extra day in Hongu area? 2019/2/16 03:40
Yes. Onsen, after a long walk = happiness, no?
Yunomine is lovely.
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Re: Kumano Kodo - extra day in Hongu area? 2019/2/18 19:50
Thank you Burcu Wasar and Winter Visitor.
In the meantime I've made some decisions and bookings. I'll be staying in Watarase Onsen for 1 night. Depending on my levels of tiredness after hiking 2 days, I may decide to take the early bus to Koguchi and continue the last day, or stick around and enjoy the onsen an extra day before taking the bus all the way to Nachi area.
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