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Japanese Ramen Menu 2019/2/2 22:30

I love ramen, especially Tsukmen!

However, whenever i go to the ramen shop, i always have difficulties choosing the correct tab when ordering via the machine for extra toppings.

Could you guys help me out?

May i ask what is the difference between these?

Smokeチャーシュ ー 150円
Smokeチャーシュ ーW 150円
Smokeチャーシュー切り落とし 150円
炙り真鯛ほぐしチャーシュー 150円
炙り真鯛ほぐしチャーシューW 300円

Whats the difference between the "W " 150円 and the 150円?
its all so similar.

Thank you for your help!

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Re: Japanese Ramen Menu 2019/2/3 08:51
I think "W" stands for double (i.e., twice as much).
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Re: Japanese Ramen Menu 2019/2/3 13:50
Perhaps you are referring to this place.


Smoke チャーシュー \150
Smoke チャーシューW \300
Smoke チャーシュー切り落とし \150
炙り真鯛ほぐしチャーシュー \150
炙り真鯛ほぐしチャーシューW \300

As mentioned, W means double and you mistyped as 150 yen (it should be 300 yen).

I have not been there but it seems that this ramen house use fish-based soup which is rather unusual, but user reviews on Tabelog are generally very favorable and they say the soup is very thick in taste.

At first I thought you mistyped 炙り真鯛ほぐしチャーシュー since "炙り真鯛" means grilled sea bream (fish) while チャーシュー means roast pork. As I read comments on Tabelog I realized that this チャーシュー is made from sea bream (grilled fish meat). So you can choose pork or fish for topping.
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Re: Japanese Ramen Menu 2019/2/3 15:18
切り落とし(kiriotoshi) is a term commonly used to mean bits and pieces as opposed to a neat slice of meat.

So I imagine that they're not big slices as we see on the photo of 鯛油そば, but they're tiny bits that were sort of left over from cutting all the big slices. The photo of the "Topping" looks like kiriotoshi to me. It's natural to assume that you get the amount as same as the regular "Smokeチャーシュ ー 150円".

Big slices, of course, look gorgeous and worth biting at, but you can often enjoy a slightly different texture with the bits of any kind of meat, which is probably the reason the price is the same. When you buy raw meat or fish at the market, however, kiriotoshi is usually cheaper than the proper slices.
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Re: Japanese Ramen Menu 2019/2/3 23:31
Thank you guys for the clarification! Cheers!
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