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Living in or near Shinbashi 2019/2/3 17:15
I (one person) will have to rent an apartment in Tokyo soon and my Company is very close to Shinbashi station. I did some research and it seems that Shinbashi has a few apparentments but in general is more of a business area.
Still, it has a few shops, not too many tourists and many bars as well as great train connection.

Is it a good idea to live there, maybe on a higher floor so that it is not so noisy? Or is there good reasons to not choose this area?
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Re: Living in or near Shinbashi 2019/2/3 19:33
My company as well is close to Shinbashi (actually in Shiodome). When I lived in Tokyo I was living in Shimokitazawa which isnft close but a great neighborhood (and it was convenient for my husband).
Now when I go for extended business trips to Tokyo my company normally fetches a monthly apartment close to Shinbashi or Hamamatsucho.

Essentially the noisy areas are around the station, but it is unlikely that there are any apartments in that region. As soon as you get a little bit out of that station neighborhood it gets quiet.

Between Shiodome and Hamamatsucho there are luxurious apartments, but a bit more inland apartments are more normal. I would advise to see any apartment first, as some can be depressingly dark or freezing cold (stayed in such an apartment until last week in Shiba 2 chome).

An other possibility is to live somewhere on the yamanote line or on any other of the many lines that pass through Shinbashi. Including outside of Tokyo such as Kamata.

While I like the evening atmosphere in Shinbashi I am not sure I would want to live there. I prefer the more village like atmosphere a bit further out.

If you can get eg a monthly apartment first for the first few months, then you can see for yourself.

Enjoy your new life in Tokyo!
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Re: Living in or near Shinbashi 2019/2/4 05:16
There is no bad reason to live in Shinbashi. But do you really want to live that close to work? Are you expecting to work late and miss the last train on regular basis, or do you plan to work weekends? I would look around first, then decide. In Tokyo, it is desirable to live (1) not too far from a train station, and (2) along the commute route that does not require many transfers (no transfer is ideal).
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Re: Living in or near Shinbashi 2019/2/4 09:42
I have stayed in Shimbashi a few times and spent a bit of time exploring the area as well (most recently in September). Lots of places to live, eat, shop - depends where you are and how well you want to know the neighbourhood. However, different places have a different feel/vibe so what might suit one person might not suit another. If it was me, I probably wouldn't live there, but that is not because it isn't a good area, just I prefer something else.
One other minor comment, living right in central Tokyo can be more expensive for accommodation.
I also agree see an apartment before renting.
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Re: Living in or near Shinbashi 2019/2/4 12:27
For personal reason, I have been interested in apartments in Tokyo, especially around Shinbashi and subway lines going to the area. The apartments around Shinbashi is not so many but still there are some. As for commuting by train/subway, you might better consider less crowded lines. As I searched, Toei Asakusa line is one of the least crowded lines in Tokyo. Nishimagome and Oshiage are the starting stations so you can get your seat easily. Of course it will be better to find an apartment where you can walk to your company. You can get rough idea of the fare on the map here.

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