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How many foreigners in Narita? 2019/2/5 16:55
Hi there,

I'm moving to Narita soon, and I'm wondering how many foreign people live there?

I'd imagine Chiba city and Narita would have the highest population of foreigners in Chiba prefecture (Chiba because it's the capital city of Chiba prefecture, and Narita because it's where Tokyo Airport is located), but I wondered if there are any statistics on perhaps the Chiba prefecture as a whole, to see what those numbers look like.

I've lived in Chiba prefecture for a year now, and the area I live in is quite rural, so there are not many foreigners.

Kind regards,

A guy in Chiba prefecture.
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Re: How many foreigners in Narita? 2019/2/6 10:43
According to Narita city HP, there are 3,785 people living in Narita on Mar.31,2017.
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Re: How many foreigners in Narita? 2019/2/7 09:51
Foreign people in Japan make up about 2% of the population. Depending on the particular subset you might be looking at, there are some tiny pockets of people from particular countries. If you are after/interested in the English speaking population, that is much much smaller.
Tokyo has a relatively high proportion with 1 in 10 people in their 20's from overseas. Lots of students.

An Excel table of nationalities and categories is available at
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