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Miyajima Tori renovation? 2019/2/5 17:49
Hi, is it possible that Miyajima Tori is going to be renovated from June 2019? I read this news Yesterday in Facebook but I can't find other news in the web.
Thanks a lot
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Re: Miyajima Tori renovation? 2019/2/6 11:01
According to this web site, renovation (reroofing, re-paint, other repairs) starts in June 2019. It does not say for how long.
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Re: Miyajima Tori renovation? 2019/2/6 18:47
Thanks a lot for the answer and information.
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Re: Miyajima Torii renovation? 2019/2/6 22:06
Itsukushima Shirine will do a research at the gate then plan the repairment works.
So, currently it is unknown how long a duration the renovation will last for.

I will notify Japan Guide staff of this renovation, which now seems not mentioned in the website.

Shrinesf vermillion gates are called "torii" ("tori" & "i").
The famous torii gate of Itsukushima Shirine is often called "O(-)torii" (= grand torii).
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Re: Miyajima Tori renovation? 2019/2/7 09:24
They do periodic minor maintenance like painting from time to time, but this is an interesting, slightly larger scale.

I wonder when the next replacement will take place?
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